Moving Plant-based: My Journey

I’ve made the decision to move toward a more plant-based diet. I’m going to start documenting that journey here. You’ll also be seeing more and more recipes that are plant-based on these pages. My hope is that you are either inspired or at the very least…entertained!

Why a Plant-based Diet

I’ve always been someone concerned about the environment (see my eco-minimalist post) but I’ve also been very hesitant to get rid of meat and dairy. Recently, however, I’ve been doing more learning on the impacts on the environment that animal farming creates and it concerns me. 

There are many reasons WHY people come to a plant-based lifestyle or diet. For some, it’s about animal rights and treatment. For others, it could be relief from illness or discomfort. My why, is the environment. These other things play a role in my decision but the impact on our water and planet is my BIG why. 

I have been taking steps to monitor my footprint on this planet for a while and what I’ve finally realized is that the biggest, most impactful change I can make is going plant-based. It doesn’t take too much effort to see and hear the stories of waterways that are no longer drinkable and the mounds of petroleum products required to raise animals currently.

And…it’s just not sustainable. 

We do not have the space or the resources to support animal husbandry in the way we currently are. If the rest of the world (and it’s getting that way) started to eat as much animal protein as Americans, the impact on the environment will be devastating. I can no longer ignore this. 

Why not 100% Plant-based

Because environmental impact is my why I still believe that animals can be raised in a conscious eco-system where they live in humane conditions, are fed appropriate diets, and are killed humanely as well. This is also why I will probably not become 100% vegan/vegetarian or plant-based. 

I’ve eaten a certain way for over 40 years, and completely overhauling my diet overnight isn’t sustainable for me. I want these changes to last the rest of my life. So this will be a journey, one of learning, growing, and discovering, and I’m so excited about it. That’s not to say I will never be 100% plant-based just that, for now, that’s not the goal. ANY meal without animal products is a win, a step in the right direction. 

Holy Learning Curve, Batman!

What I’m learning is that there really is a HUGE learning curve for this way of eating. For someone (and I’m sure most of us) who base our meals around an animal protein source, I’ve really had to change the way I think about eating and cooking. 

What is helpful is that these days, there are so many more options and alternatives available to support a plant-focused diet. More and more grocery stores and restaurants are seeing that this is a large and growing market. 

Some resources I’m using

  • YouTube Vegan Hauls – If you’ve never looked for plant-based products before then you’ll be as surprised as I was that many of your normal stores have beautiful plant-based products in stock! Watching vegan grocery hauls has helped me to realize what’s available without spending hours wandering the store aisle. 
  • Pinterest Plant-based Recipes – if you have a favorite meal or recipe, I would put good money on the fact that someone has already vegan-ized or made a plant-based version of it. This makes the transition easier!
  • Mock-meats – At first I didn’t want to purchase these faux-burgers and meats. They just didn’t feel healthy but then I realized that if that mock-meat kept me from eating the real thing…it was WORTH IT. The point is to be sustainable…not perfect.
  • Local Vegan/Plant-based Facebook Groups – These groups have been amazing at sharing local restaurants’ menus and reviews of their plant-based options. I’m shocked at how many places I can eat a delicious plant-based meal in my town. There is also a cool sense of community here as well.

My hope is that, whether you’re already plant-based or not, you’ll follow along with me on this journey and be inspired or at the very least, entertained! I hope you’ll try some of the recipes here and ask questions when you have them. I will NOT always be perfect and I do not expect you to be either. Replacing one meal a month, week, or day with a plant-based one is still winning and does make an impact!



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